Yasin and sohil agate

Agate Products

Agate stone is known to possess strengthening and stabilizing effects. In spite of their soft appearance, Agate Products are very hard. These products are ultimate to balance emotional, intellectual and physical energy. Agate Products are created using different varieties of Agate Stones. Agate Stones are available in multiple colors like blue, red, yellow, orange, violet, etc. Banded Agate Stones possess stripes of multiple colors. Prepared from different sizes of Agate Stones, we supply very natural and very effective Agate products. Our range of Agate Products includes Agate Pendulums, Agate Pendants, Agate Bracelets, Agate Balls, Agate Bowls and Agate Trees.

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Agate Stone Chips

Agate Stone Chips are extremely for useful for a variety of purposes. These are known to bring positivity and happiness in your life. You can also remain fit and healthy with the help of properly chosen Agate Stone Chips. Moreover, many industries find them extremely useful as these are essentially silicon dioxide at the most


Agate Tumbled Stones

Known as the stones of precision, balance, and positivity, Agate Tumbled Stones are one of the oldest stones found in the world. Agate Tumbled Stones attract strength and guards against bad dreams and negative energy. These stones were also used in jewelry making in ancient times. Apart from emotional health, these stones also


Agate Slices

We make available fine quality Agate Slices in varying plating. We make available a huge product basket that our quality auditors check closely to maintain the set standards. Sourced from trustworthy vendors, our entire lot of raw materials has been cross checked against varied quality parameters before using them in the production


Agate Coasters

We make available natural Agate Coasters in the oval shape. Committed towards satisfying our customers, we are involved in delivering quality Agate Coasters. We are a focused towards bringing forth exceptional array of products that are quality tested from the initial stages of manufacturing. Our quality inspectors inspect each and


Agate Pendants

Agate Pendants bring a lot of good to those wear them. Agate Pendants encourage calmness and peace in your inner self. These pendants also help in opening your mind to higher thoughts and inner truths. Different colored Agate stones decide the specific purposes of Agate Pendants. We supply Agate Pendants incorporating all kinds


Agate Bracelets

Agate Bracelets are helpful in regulating heart rate and blood pressures. Agate Bracelets can be made using different shapes and sizes of multiple colored Agate Stones. Different Agate Bracelets are meant for fulfilling different purposes depending upon the color, shape and size of Agate Stones used in making the bracelets. We


Agate Bowls

Agate Bowls are another Agate Product that we supply to our customers. We not only supply these to our local and national clients but also to our foreign clients. These bowls are manufactured using the different colored Agate Stones obtained from the natural resources like rocks and riversides. We offer different Agate Bowls


Agate Balls

Agate Balls are not only used for attracting positive energy and other spiritual purposes but are also helpful in maintaining a peaceful environment. One can feel energized and calm by keeping Agate Balls nearby him/her. These balls are very helpful in maintaining positive vibes around you. We supply all shapes and sizes of


Agate Pendulums

Agate Pendulums are mainly used to attract positive energy. These pendulums boost the sense of pragmatic thinking and reality. These are known for augmenting good health and peace. Agate pendulums also find usage in Feng Shui and other similar activities. Any kind of trauma can be healed using Agate Pendulums. We supply both


Agate Trees

Agate Trees contain different kinds of Agate stones attracting different positive energies to one single point. Agate Trees prove to be of great help in the process of spiritual growth. These trees also motivate you for self-analysis and uncovering hidden circumstances leading to negativity. These also promote self-confidence