Yasin and sohil agate

Parad Shivling

Parad Shivling is one of the major kinds of Shivlings worshipped by Hindus and other interested devotees. Parad Shivling is considered to be pure and very sacred form of Lord Shiva. Parad Shivling has great significance for Hindus and other devotees of Lord Shiva. We supply carefully crafted Parad Shivling made from the very pure and very original constituents. The cost of Parad Shivling that we supply is most economical amongst all suppliers in Gujarat. We supply Parad Shivling to local and national markets. We also export it to different foreign countries as when required.


Product Name Parad Shivling
Material Made from the very pure and very original constituents.
Brand Name Yasin & Sohil Agate
Place Of Origin Khambhat,Gujrat
Condition Good

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 10 Piece(s)
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Delivery Time 4 to 5 Days (Min.)